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  Stalwart Democrats

  Deep-Pocket Democrats

  2017 Democrat Multiplex

  Liberal Minded Women

  Rainbow Warriors

  Liberal-Humanitarian Donors


  Cadillac Conservatives Donors

  Concerned Taxpayers

  Conservative Women Contributors

  Republican Ritz

  Republican Mainstayers

  2017 Republican Multiplex

  Pro-Life Contributors


  Big City Donors

  Big Hearted Benefactors

  Donors of the District




Political Donors develops donor lists directly

from primary data sources.

Political Donors does not 'overlay' donor segments.


There are many list companies marketing millions of names on

their donor files who simply overlay a non-donor file with questionable,

non-primary sourced donor overlays.


Not at Political-Donors.com. We do not overlay.

The folks at Political-Donors.com have been acquiring, developing

and marketing political donor files for over 40 years.

Political-Donors.com offers the most current, responsive political

donor lists available.

View and receive data cards, state and SCF counts, usage information,

available selects, addressing and media, list services information and

rapid clearance requests.




List Update News:


Nov 11 2019;


Jan 30, 2020;

state/scf/zip count reports

back online in xlss.


April 20, 2020 update


May 4, 2020 update



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